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New GMB Features

3 New Google My Business Tools:

And How To Use Them

Today you are going to learn how to use 3 new Google My Business tools to improve your business visibility on Google:

  • Welcome Offers
  • Short Names
  • Control Over Business Photos

Tool #1:

GMB Google Photos

The pictures you choose to represent on Google My Business Matters. Here is what we’ll go over in this post:

  • Cover Photo
  • Logo Photo

Google Cover Photos

Google Cover Photos are important to your business, especially if customers are searching for your direct company name.

A Google Cover Photo is basically your profile picture for your business. It will be the first thing a customer sees when searching for you.

Google My Business now allows you to change your photo to suit your needs.

Desktop View:

Mobile View:

To take advantage of the following features you will need to go to Google My Business and sign in.

Once in GMB(Google My Business), you will want to navigate to the Photos tab on the left.

You should see two photos labeled Cover and Logo with pencil icons.

Note: If you do not see this option, you can click on the Identity tab on top to find the photo section.

Click on the pencil icon and simply enter the photo that best represents your business.

You can also change or add a logo picture as well.

The cover image will be the first image a customer will see of your business, so make it count!

Tool #2:

GMB Introduces Welcome Offers

Google has introduced Welcome Offers, a great way to encourage customers to not only take advantage of your deal, but follow your business on Google.

GMB Introduces Welcome Offers

Google is now giving businesses the opportunity to create new offers.

This is important to potentially attract new customers, especially when you want to take up more real estate on the Google Search.

How your offer would show up on Google:

First, in the Google My Business platform you will go to the post section on the left side.

You will see four types of posts and you will want to click on Add Offer post type.

to show the offer post type of google

Here you will fill out your title, start and end date of offer, exact offer details, and terms and conditions.

Be sure to post an engaging photo that is relevant to what you are offering.

Once done, you can set and forget it.

Pro Tip: After the offer is done you can view insights into how the offer performed and how many impressions and clicks the offer got.

Tool #3:

Get Google Follows and Reviews Easily with Short Names

Google is now offering businesses short names.

This allows the customer to find your GMB ease by providing a short url.

How to Add GMB Short Names

Here is the last GMB tool we are going to go over today.

In the GMB platform you will click on Info section on the left side.

This should bring up all the basic information of your Google listing.

You will want to scroll down and under the phone number section there should be a section that says Add short name.

Once you are done entering your name, you can now use that short name to leave a direct review to your company.

Our Company Short Url:


Tool Recap

By using the Google short name to get more reviews for your business, creating welcome offers to attract new business, or taking control of your brand on Google by updating photos you can improve your businesses bottom line.

If you need help or have questions about GMB, you can contact us here.

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