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Email Marketing

Email marketing allows businesses to tailor messages to specific customer segments and measure the effectiveness of campaigns through open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics. Effective email marketing strategies involve providing valuable content, using compelling subject lines and calls to action, and maintaining a consistent sending schedule.


Email marketing is still one of the best methods for marketing and promoting products, services and events. Long Point Digital provides our clients with the tools and data insights that put their customers and conversion objectives into focus, allowing them to succeed. There are several benefits to engaging prospects and customers through their email.

Our Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Not Ignore Email Marketing Opportunities

1. Low Cost Of Entry – Email is Cheap

Email marketing has one of the lowest price points for entry than almost any other direct marketing method known. At the lowest level it is free, but some pretty great email tools for business start at around $20/month.

What about customer demand? 

Your customers actually want to hear from your business! Email campaigns using technology based tactics such as opt-in forms and pull marketing strategies such as SEO form a solid base of tactics that generate audiences having not only a need for your products or services, but are in the active stages of seeking them out.

2. Prospect Segmentation

You can group your email into separate lists or segments. Not every visitor is destined to become a paying customer. Weeding through leads based on segmentation information and realizing the individual conversion potential of each prospect is invaluable to the customer service and marketing needs of any business entity. There are many ways to automate list segmentation to save you time.

Direct marketing to an information responsive and previously data screened audience is not only lucrative, but is also based on the best practices of today’s digital landscape. Promoting calls to action via your web pages or other media is often seen as spam and can be counterproductive. Today’s email clients allow people to sell or signup directly from the email.

3. Data Extraction Simplicity

Surveying your potential market has never been easier or more targeted and accurate. Through proper use of opt-in requests and the digital footprints that email marketing offers, knowing pertinent information about your business constituents is as simple as pressing send.

The ever-shrinking world that the growing digital marketplace offers is in the billions of users and is instantly reachable by email marketing. The largest group of Internet technology users on the face of the planet are those using email as their main form of Internet communication.  Increase your reach and find customers well outside your geographical area.