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Digital marketing is the business of traffic acquisition and conversion.

Traffic comes via website visitors, social media follows, email recipients, and many other controllable digital platforms. Conversions are leads, sales, or other actions that move the traffic one step closer to growing your business.

Successful digital marketing matches the best services to the client’s budget to generate the highest return on investment. Here are our most commonly used digital marketing services.

"When I met Stan, Director of Long Point Digital, I was working with a national firm that works solely with law firms. While the platform was great, the overall experience was not. I literally had no idea what they were doing for us, or what we were actually paying for. Long Point Digital has been able to increase our online performance while giving us the personal service and custom approach we need."
Keller A. Caubarreaux
Attorney at Law, Doehling Law, P.C.



Before any work is done, we do our homework on your industry and competitors. More importantly, we like to know what your goals are so that we can better understand what you’re trying to achieve.


After we’ve done our homework we gather our notes and begin to develop marketing strategies. With your objectives in mind, we set out to help you reach your goals and grow your business.


Once we have a clear direction and target, we put on our creative caps and start implementing the marketing strategies that have been agreed upon and that are in the best interest of your business.


After services have launched and the dust has settled, we continue to monitor the work that is being done. This helps to ensure that our strategies are working and that they are helping your business.