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Digital Marketing Consultant

This service is offered for businesses of all sizes that want to review their current marketing strategies and effectiveness. Our digital marketing experts will assess your business’s goals, progress and provide our recommended roadmap to success.


Get one-on-one expert guidance to create or optimize your digital marketing campaigns. In 2014 our consulting service helped a client increase revenue by $2.5 million with a $40,000 investment in our consulting services. That’s a 62:1 return on investment (ROI), without increasing their ad spend. The client’s profit margin is 10%, which means $40,000 turned into $250,000 in profits. Our consulting services are flexible and designed to fit any need or schedule. Regardless of your budget size, our goal is to get you a high ROI.

Typically, our clients will start with 10 to 20 hours of consulting, coaching, and guidance that an ongoing service plan is requested. It’s like having a part-time Director of Digital Marketing. If you are located in Colorado, we can come to you. For businesses outside of Colorado, we can offer consulting via phone, Skype or at your location (clients cover travel and lodging).

Marketing Consultants for Start-ups

We help start-ups create effective marketing plans to grow their business while saving them time and money.  New business ventures are typically short on resources and experience, so it is important to make smart decisions with every dollar spent. We insure that those valuable resources are put to proper use and provide real measurable ROI.

The old saying, “Build it and they will come,” has been the downfall of many a new venture. In today’s digital world you must find ways to get people’s attention and create relationships. Each business and industry is unique, and the digital tools are equally diverse. Our knowledge and experience will help you get the best results possible and avoid costly mistakes.

Digital Marketing Audits

If you already have a marketing plan in place, we can help there too. Our professional auditors will examine your plan and find any points that can be improved on. Our audits can be focused on one aspect of your marketing plan or it can look at the entire process. Our Micro-Audits can uncover mismanaged pay-per-click campaigns, ineffective SEO strategies, or poor performance in a website. Our comprehensive audits will examine every little detail of a digital marketing campaign. Regardless of scope, the goal of the audit is to identify waste and opportunities. When completed, audits are delivered and explained to the client. Each audit will include a detailed report that the client can then take action on.

Consulting Topics

SEO Consulting – We identify your most valuable search terms through extensive keyword and analytics research. We then focus on increasing organic traffic by using the guidance provided during your consultation.

Email Marketing – We help you build an email list full of potential leads and prospective buyers, and then once it’s built, we can help you optimize your email newsletters just the right way in order to increase conversions, turning those leads into sales.

Social Media Consulting – Learn which social media platforms work best in your industry and how to use them to increase your business.

Pay-Per Click Consulting – We can help you create a campaign that best serves your business. Paid platforms are immensely complex, but there are great rewards for those who manage them correctly.

The Abridged Version

…helped a client increase revenue by $2.5 million with a $40,000 investment in our consulting services.