Long Point Digital is a digital marketing team grown in Western Colorado. We have built a reputation of delivering high-quality marketing services to clients across the country. Our team takes the time to get to know our clients. We research their companies, their competitors, and recommend strategies that will help their business to grow. One of the many services we offer is graphic design. While our main focus is on digital marketing, we understand that traditional marketing and print services are still a necessity for many clients. From designing ads for print publications to creating new logos and digital advertisements, we are here to help our clients with all of their graphic design needs.


Your logo is one of the most recognizable pieces of your business and is the “face” that most of your customers will recognize you by. Great logos portray the character of a product or company. Improving a company’s image and branding is one the first steps to improving business. An effective logo design could help give your brand the edge it needs to increase the appeal of your company. If you’re looking to improve your company branding, Long Point Digital provides graphic or logo design services.

When we design a logo, we follow these main goals:

To be Unique

Your logo shouldn’t remind people of another business, or worse, your competitors. We want your brand and logo to be truly yours.

To Represent Your Business

Whether it is the style of typeface, color choice, or graphic icon, a good logo should represent and embody the feeling of your company.

To be Functional

It is important that a logo functions on multiple platforms and medias. We create logos that work for dark or light backgrounds, traditional print media and digital usage.

If you’re looking to improve your company branding, Long Point Digital provides graphic and logo design services.



The most important aspect of any business is defining who you are and what you do. Branding is the solution to refining, executing, and retaining that definition.

The Steps to Your Branding Campaign


Defining your message is the first thing a business should do. Design, marketing strategies, and target demographics will be based off of and affected by the message that you choose for your branding campaign. It is the lasting impression you market to individuals, it is the definition of what your business is… it is your business.

Questions to ask when developing your message:

  1. What is your company selling? (A person, company, services, product?)
  2. What problem can your brand solve?
  3. What makes your brand different than others?
  4. Why should consumers choose your brand over others?
  5. Who is your target demographic?

Visual Recognition

To accompany your branding message are the things that have the greatest impact for customers, visual or symbolic assets. Designing your visual assets around your message creates a comfort and recognition for your target customer.

Types of Visual Assets:

  1. Logos
  2. Branding colors
  3. Photography/videography Style

Marketing Strategy

Choosing the way to share your brand and get it recognized either locally or national comes down to your marketing strategy.