Beware – Domain Listing Scam

Don’t Pay Domain Listings

Earlier this week a client reached out to us, concerned about an invoice that was sent to them from a company requesting payment for their domain. Since we manage both the domain and hosting for our client, we decided to dig further into this company. At first we believed it may have been a separate bill for another domain. In many cases, it is usually a separate domain that a client usually forgot about or never had transferred. To our surprise, that was not that case with this invoice.

1st Hint of Scam: Price

Domain Listing requested $228.00 for a 1 year renewal. Anyone who has purchased a domain knows that renewal fees are typically between $10-$20 per year. So our next step was to try to figure out what service they were trying to solicit to our client.

2nd Hint of Scam: Payment Method

The bill sent to the client was a paper invoice requesting a check or to fill out a box with credit card info and mail back to a P.O. box in Las Vegas. Domains should be renewed online through a secure payment gateway or with the help of your digital marketing company.

3rd Hint of Scam: Website & Contact Info

We went to their website and saw that the front end page appeared to be broken and poorly laid out. Still giving the benefit of the doubt, we decided to try and reach out to the company. We located their phone number and within one ring, the call is redirect to what sounded like a homemade or unprofessional voicemail requesting information about the business.


Who is Domain Listings and Why Should I Avoid Them?

Domain Listings is soliciting sales by appearing to be a domain service when in fact all they offer is a link on their website which they claim is a domain directory for $228.00/per year. While it is good to build up directory listings online, it needs to be done ethically and on quality resources. With a quick scan we found that Domain Listings has a domain rating of 17/100 – this is a very poor score and a good indicator that this is not a quality directory resource you need your website on. Especially for $228.00. With some additional backlink research, we also discovered that their website is being linked on several out of country websites and is being linked back to articles claiming to have been scammed, that they’re a fake company, and more. Again, not a good website for your business to invest with.


How to Prevent Being Scammed

The best thing to do if you get an odd looking invoice, email, or piece of mail regarding your domain or hosting is to have your internet or digital marketing company look into it. If you do not have a digital company looking after the online side of your business, we recommend researching trusted companies in your area. If you’re struggling to find a good company, Long Point Digital offers digital marketing, website, hosting, domain, and security for clients across the United States. Feel free to give us a call at 970-549-0777 or email with any questions you may have about your business.

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