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Are Your Emails Going into Recipient’s Spam Folders?

While there are many reasons why your emails could be going into your recipient’s spam, one of the biggest reasons starting in 2024 is the new email sender guidelines by Google and Yahoo platforms. Learn more on what these new requirements are below and how you can avoid your emails going into spam!

What are the new email requirements?

Using an email that ends in @gmail.com or @yahoo.com as your business email or for your email marketing campaigns? If you do use either of these emails, you’ll find some big changes coming this month. In the last quarter of 2023, Google and Yahoo announced massive changes to their email platforms. The goal is to improve and create trusted, safe emails for recipients and to minimize spam and phishing scams. You can view the details here, Google’s Article and Yahoo’s Article.

How will the DMARC Requirements affect me?

It depends on how you use your emails. The good news is that this will not affect your day-to-day email communication, it will only affect the following cases.

  1. Bulk email sender such as email marketing campaigns using email marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Klavyio, etc… If you use a @gmail.com or @yahoo.com email to send out bulk email campaigns you will no longer be able to send out emails from these platforms until you acquire a domain-based email and update it in your accounts.
  2. Website forms such as contact forms will also be affected if using @gmail.com or @yahoo.com emails. You will need to acquire a domain-based email in order to set the FROM address field to a domain-based email so you can continue to receive form submissions to your email inbox.

For #1, if you do not meet the requirements your email marketing platform may suspend any outgoing email campaigns until a domain-based email is added to the account.

For #2, if you do not meet the requirements form submissions may be rejected or sent to your spam folders missing out on any new leads or customer inquiries.

What is a domain-based email?

A domain-based email is an email account ending with your domain name i.e. [email protected].
If you do not have a domain-based email we highly recommend setting up a new email account with Google Workspace or any other email service provider of your choice. By having a domain-based email it ensures that your customers and any other recipient can trust that the emails sent by you did in fact come from you as all domain-based emails must be authenticated. Emails such as [email protected] or [email protected] do not require to be authenticated and anyone can set up an email account portraying to be you.

What requirements do you need to do?

Beginning in February, Google and Yahoo will be requiring email senders to have the following requirements implemented to continue sending emails to their recipients.

  • Authenticate your domain (for those using email marketing platforms such as MailChimp)
  • Add a DMARC record to your domain DNS records like the example below.

Unsure how to proceed with the requirements?

If you’re unsure how to implement the new email requirements, we highly recommend having your internal IT or development team for your business perform the new requirements. If you do not have an internal IT or developer, the team at Long Point Digital is on standby to assist your business with these 2024 requirements.