A nonprofit or not-for-profit organization’s motives and objectives are usually quite different than those of the business world. 

However, they share a very similar need for effective marketing.  The foundation of any modern marketing campaign is a well designed website.  Before you find your cart ahead of the horse, take a minute to see if your organization’s website is achieving its goals.

We will be happy to meet with you and review your current website and offer advice on how you could improve its effectiveness.  Sometimes the needs are simple and easily implemented by your staff or a volunteer.  Other times a complete website redesign is the only way forward.  Either way you will always be offered our honest, professional and free advice.

Ariel CPA


Clearly Defined Goals

A great website is not simply a digital brochure.  It is an active and dynamic marketing hub for your organization.  By active we mean it actually does some very useful tasks.  Your nonprofit website can earn, educate and recruit.  Determine your organizations goals and set about creating a website that helps you achieve them.  Define your goals in the initial design strategy.  Common nonprofit goals are to recruit volunteers, raise funds, or educate the community.

Designed For Action

Nonprofits are action based entities, and their websites should demonstrate this.  Visitors should flow through the pages of the website, having their needs met while working through a system of funnels that guide them to taking the actions that you have defined.

Integrated Social Media and Email Marketing

he keyword here is integrated.  Every nonprofit should be using both social media and email to achieve their goals.  When fully integrated with your website, these three powerful tools can feed and strengthen one another and multiply their effectiveness.

Measurable Results

The real progress in digital marketing comes through optimization.  By optimization, we mean making improvements based on data to make your efforts more effective.  You will basically have efforts and goals.  You need to be able to determine which efforts are meeting your goals and which are not.  We can provide you with the tools and reports to help you see where your efforts are bearing the most fruit.  Your marketing campaign should always be improving, maturing, and producing better results as time goes on.